Everything you need to know about serums and supplements

Hårologi's serum is used for individual special treatments. The extract contains a rich combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that stimulate hair growth, care, give strength and resilience, and have a healing effect on skin and scalp problems.
Hårologi serum can be added with a small amount to a Hårologi shampoo, or used as an intensive treatment in the salon. Even small amounts have a soothing effect on all types of hair and scalp treatments.
Hårologis Serum and Additives.
Our serums and additives are used to provide individual blends to the hair and scalp. They contain rich amounts of vitamins, minerals, proteins and other nutrients that stimulate hair growth, provide nourishment and strength to the hair, and have a healing effect on scalp problems. Choose a shampoo that is then uniquely adapted to you with serums and additives to solve your hair or scalp problems. Our various serums and additives are designed to give your hair the care and attention it deserves.
Additives can be added to shampoos labeled with 230 ml content with a maximum of 20 ml. Different additives can be mixed. Serum can be added with a maximum of 20 drops. Different serums can be mixed for optimal effect.
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