Hairology Tailor Made - Hair care that starts from you

With Hårologi Tailor Made, you get hair care products that are tailored just for you and your unique needs. It's super easy! Choose your favorite shampoo and let our hairdressers mix in serums and additives that suit your hair and your challenges. Where can I find a shampoo for colored hair with damaged lengths and slightly irritated scalp?
The answer is simple: you won't find a shampoo like it. You have to customize it! With the help of Hårologi Tailor Made it is possible. The starting point is that the vast majority of people do not have only one "hair quality" or challenge with their hair, but a combination of several. For example:
  • Colored hair with damaged lengths and an irritated scalp.
  • Dry hair with an oily scalp.
  • Thin, fine-stranded hair that is dyed with frizzy lengths.
    Do you recognize yourself? The list can be made long with different challenges. Hairology offers you a smart and simple way to solve this by offering you a tailor-made solution for your hair.
    You choose a shampoo for the hair quality or challenge you consider most important to you. Your hairdresser then mixes in one or more serums in your chosen shampoo that focuses on solving your hair's challenges. In this way, we create a product that is 100% adapted to your needs. Hair care that starts with you. Hårologi works with "less is more", which means that we use a few carefully selected ingredients in our products that really make a difference. read more here

    Read more about our product philosophy here and are you a hairdresser and interested in becoming a hair salon? Sign up here!

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