Courses summer and autumn 2024

Below you will find the date and city of our courses.

Hairology Concept

Become a hairdresser who can do more. The basis for a sustainable hairstyle and color is good hair quality. At Hårologi Koncept, you will learn which internal and external factors affect the quality of the hair and how to achieve the best possible results from your treatments.

For those who want to deepen their knowledge of hair and skin and at the same time create an exclusive customer service with individually adapted products.

30/8 - Concept - Stockholm
4/9 - Concept - Norrköping
29/10 - Concept - Örebro

Hairology Update

The course gives you security in your customer consultation and increased knowledge of how you create an exclusive customer service by customizing your products.

For those of you who have previously taken Hårologi Koncept (Basic), have good basic knowledge of the Hårologi concept and wish to become an even better hairdresser.   

5/9 - Update - Norrköping
2/10 - Visit to the factory in Borlänge

Hair salon session

Dates and times for our upcoming Hårologis sessions.

20/8 - Hair salon session 1.00 p.m

1/10 - Hair salon session 1 p.m

20/11 - Hair salon session 1.00 p.m