That's why you should brush your long hair every day!

That's why you should brush your long hair every day!

There are few things that enhance the overall impression of your personality better than a nice long hair. A shiny well-groomed long hair is the perfect accessory that will earn you admiring glances from both your friends and people you meet.

There are many benefits to brushing your long hair daily. It stimulates your scalp, increases blood circulation and helps regulate the acid mantle (skin/scalp protective barrier). In addition, it removes salts and deposits that may have formed.

You brush your hair in the best way by bending forward so that the hair falls downwards. Then use a real boar bristle brush to brush the hair in slow, even strokes from the nape of the neck to the ends. With your other hand, stroke the hair in the same direction.

Start with 10-15 brush strokes and strokes per day and after a week you can increase to 30-40. In this way, you increase blood circulation and clean the scalp from deposits that may have formed overnight. The result is shiny and full hair with a healthy scalp.

Remember! For best results, always use a brush with real boar bristles. Synthetic brushes can actually cause more harm than good.

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We are proud to present our eco-friendly brush with real boar bristles. The brush is made with nature in mind. The shaft is made from older olive trees that no longer bear olives. With our brush you take care of both your hair and the environment at the same time.

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