Hair care routine for long hair

  1. Pre-treatment: start by covering the lengths of the hair with Multi Treat. Multi Treat gently cleans the lengths from styling residues and dirt while adding amino acids that make the hair stronger and more resistant. Multi Treat (pH 4) simultaneously protects the hair, among other things, through its low pH value.

  2. Shampooing: apply shampoo to the scalp and the 5-7 cm of hair closest to the scalp. It is in this part of the hair that you need to dissolve grease and larger impurities.

Rinse the entire hair thoroughly.

  1. Hair treatment/wrap: if your lengths need extra care, we recommend that you apply a wrap (without silicones) to the entire hair and also to the scalp. Hårologi's wraps/cures are silicone-free and can be used with advantage on both hair and scalp.

  2. Conditioner: if you have very tangled hair, you then proceed with a conditioner that you can advantageously leave a little on the lengths.

  3. Then finish the routine with a product that stimulates both hair and scalp. Here we recommend Flexi Spray (pH 4.5), which you can use both as a treatment spray for lengths and as a scalp toner to maintain a healthy balance in the scalp.

We mention the pH value of some of the products in the hair care routine and this naturally requires an explanation. To simplify the explanation, we can say that the correct pH value for skin and hair is crucial for the product's effectiveness. A pH value that is either too high or too low can be harmful to the hair. A good product should have a pH close to the natural pH of both hair and skin, which is usually between 4.5 and 5.5.

It is worth noting that tap water in Sweden generally has a pH value of around 7, and sometimes it can be even higher. Therefore, it is recommended to end your hair care routine with a product that has a pH value of around 4.5. This helps maintain a healthy balance and gives you beautiful results.

The pH value of Hårologi products in the hair care routine:
Multi Treat pH 4
Shampoo pH 4.5-5.5
Conditioner pH 4
Cure/wrap pH 4
Flexi Spray pH 4.5

For the best choice of products, we recommend that you contact a Hairology salon where you can tailor a hair care routine through our Tailor Made concept. Hair care that starts from you! Read more about our concept Tailor made here.

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